About us

About us

Confidence & Trust First

The swim Academy is a private swim school, located in Oaklands – Welwyn Village. 

We work differently to other swim schools. Our philosophy is: confidence and fun first, from this we have created our 5 principles.

Confidence, Fun, Body Language and harnessing fear, Empathy and Equity. 

Specialising in special educational needs and fears of the water. We are proud to help people build confidence, overcome their fears and learn to have fun and be safe in the water. Classes are tailored to each swimmer, using minimal floats, they are playful, helping to build confidence, stamina and technique.

Classes include group lessons of 5 children. Private 121, 221 and 321 sessions for both children and adults.

Lessons are run termly in accordance with the Hertfordshire school time table. 

Our certificates are no longer Swim England. We have created our own certificates, personalised to each child’s achievements that they and I are always so proud of! We will continue to follow the standard of the Swim England and The STA.

We do not have any parents on poolside during group sessions, this is something we are keeping from Covid. We have found it helps the children’s confidence, concentration and they improve much faster. Even the children with anxieties find this way much more relaxing and over come their fears a lot faster. We do have a lesson towards the end of term when parents are able to come onto poolside and watch, the children get very excited and cant wait to show off their new skills!